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Efficacy of NONI
Efficacy of NONI

The name of NONI is Morinda Citrifolia. It has more than 80 varieties, covering all the tropical zone.Being a kind of evergreen plant, NONI can bloom all the year around. Its flower is ivory-white. The ripe NONI is polygonal, resembling the potato, with a number of brown-red stones. The stone contains many seeds inside. After the fruits become ripe, its color changes from yellow into white. Its pericarp is waxy with an enriched transparency, presenting a color of blackNONI can reduce multiple diseases in circular, breathing, digest, nerve and immune systems as well as on arthrosis, skin and bones. It contains a kind of special ingredient called Proxeronine, which can be absorbed in the intestines and translated into xeronine, capable of completing some body activities and remedy functions. With the miraculous functions in promoting the regeneration of cells and the double-way immune regulating, it is considered as the most valuable one of numerous health care products at present.

  1. 1.NONI contains various kinds of ingredients that can activate the pineal gland, produce the autoenzyme and improve the constitution, achieving the function of health care.
  2. NONI contains scopoletin, magnesium and sterols as well as different kinds of anti-oxidization ingredients, which can effectively reduce the blood pressure, regulate the cardiac rhythm, decrease the angina pectoris and release the muscle convulsion, control the discomfort of the cardiovascular and depress the cholesterol to prevent from the arteriosclerosis.
  3. Scopoletin also has the functions in antihistamines, and can prevent from the allergic symptoms such as skin rashes, asthma and hay fever.
  4. NONI can stimulate the secretion of the digest enzyme, promoting the absorption. Meanwhile, the anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics of NONI fruit can effectively prevent from the discomforts of the peptic.
  5. NONI can enhance the immunity, containing the effective ingredients of antibacterial and anti-virus, able to prevent from the infection of the cold and flu.
  6. More than its antibacterial characteristics, NONI is a natural dystuff, able to deepen the color of the hair, strengthen the light and color sensitization of the retina, enhance the eyesight, reduce the occurrence of cataract, favorable for the prevention from glaucoma.
  7. Eugenol and scopoletin in NONI can release the muscle and blood vessel nerviness, remove insomnia and reduce the pressure, avoid such phenomena as nervosity and being vulnerable to stimulation.
  8. The anti-inflammatory and antibacterial characteristics of NONI can reduce the occurrence of nephritis and hepatitis.
  9. More than strengthening the function against the invasion of virus, NONI can especially enable the liver to free from the invasion, reducing the occurrence of hepatitis.
  10. NONI contains multiple acesodyne ingredients, which not only have strong painkilling capacity, but also a mild effect, without any side effects and dependency.
  11. NONI contains scopoletin, asperloside and proxeronine as well as multiple vitamins, minerals, which can release the blood vessels, eliminate edema and diminish inflammation, migrate and prevent from the occurrence of lower varicose veins.
  12. The limonene in the NONI fruit can migrate the disorder thoughts, delay the aging and effectively prevent from Alzheimer's disease.
  13. NONI can provide antioxidant and proxeronine to activate protein and enzyme, remove the free radicals, reducing joint inflammation and pain.
  14. NONI can activate pineal gland, promote the normalized endocrine system; it can also strengthen the urinary system and procreation system, preventing from micturition and urinary incontinence, effectively preventing from the prostatitis.
  15. NONI can activate pineal gland and other glands, and can promote the secretion of insulin, reduce and regulate the sugar in blood, decrease the occurrence of diabetes, improve the absorption of blood sugar beneficial for the diabetes patients.
  16. Noni contains the ammonia fennel-p-benzoquinone that can directly or indirectly heal eczema and other skin diseases.
  17. NONI can produce abundant melatonin, activate all kinds of glands and switch on the life clock to prevent from aging.
  18. NONI can kill and control the cancer cells to prevent from cancers.
  19. NONI can promote the regeneration of the normal cells; its xeronine can activate the cells, repair the damaged cells, and reduce the discomforts as results of the chemical therapy.
  20. NONI can promote the normalization of the endocrine system, activate the pineal gland, and reinforce the regulating of urinary system and procreation system to enable the congestion of the male and female sexual organs, enhancing the sexual pleasure.
  21. NONI contains many kinds of antibacterial, anti-fungal and anti-yeast ingredients that enable the STD patients a speedy recovery.
  22. The xeronine transformed from the proxeronine in NONI can reduce the drug dependence on cigarette, alcohol and anesthetics.
  23. Noni contains xeronine and other elements, which can effectively prevent from the occurrence of angular cheilitis and periodontal diseases.
  24. NONI always has good results in the treatment of various injuries, wounds, sprains, burns, bug bites or fractures.
  25. With more than a hundred of the organic and inorganic ingredients, NONI is a kind of extremely nutritious fruit and an all-inclusive nutritious supplement.
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