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Efficacy of OPC
Efficacy of OPC

OPC refers to the Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complexes. It is the most powerful substance of the functions in anti-oxidation, eliminating free radicals (a kinds of harmful active ion produced in the metabolism process) and anti-aging. The repeated experiments proved that there exists OPC in the grape seeds, which can effectively eliminate the excessive free radicals inside the body. It has the capacity of anti-oxidation 50 times of Vitamin E and 20 times of Vitamin C. At present, its capacity of anti-oxidation is internationally recognized. As one of the necessities for human life, its importance on the human body is superior to all kinds of vitamins. Plus that human body cannot produce it automatically, and yet cannot be dispensable for a moment, it has become a kind of natural health care product highly favored by the European and American people.

1.OPC can protect the cell membrane from getting harmed by the free radicals, control the releasing of histamine, enable the people to get rid of such as phenomena as cosmetic allergy, metal allergy, food allergy and chemical allergy, effectively regulating the human immune function and completely improving the sensitive constitution.

2.OPC can stabilize collagen and hard protein, improving the elasticity of skin.

3.OPC can nourish the skin, reducing the skin diseases and wrinkles, even eliminating the scars

4.OPC can isolate the contaminated air, the ultraviolet rays and cosmetics as well as other external factors from causing harm on the skin; and can impede the formation of the melanin, achieving the results of whitening, moisturizing the skin.

5.OPC can impede the releasing of inflammatory factors; improve the symptom of the inflammatory acne, making the smooth skin.

6.OPC is capable of anti-oxidation, protecting all the organs and tissues of human body. This is the reason why it became the premier choice in the anti-aging health care foods in the developed European and American countries.

7.OPC can protect the connective tissues from being destroyed, not only helpful and effective to the pros athletes, but also beneficial for the children and the elderly.

8.OPC can prevent the crystallized protein from oxidized by the free radicals, protecting the eyes from getting hurt by radiation and preventing from cataract.

9.OPC can enhance the metabolism function of the blood vessel wall cells, effectively preventing from the edema and bloodshot nerves as a result of the fragile blood vessel wall.

10.OPC can eliminate the cholesterol deposited on the blood vessel wall, reducing the cholesterol and triglyceride levels.

11.OPC is famed as the ??Vitamin to protect the heart and brain vessels??, and can repair and nourish the brain nerve cells, achieving the functions of preventing from stroke and hemiplegia.

12.OPC can effectively prevent from and migrate the arthrosis pains and all types of arthritis.

13.OPC can promote the secretion of the insulin, helping to metabolize the blood sugar to effectively prevent from diabetes.

14.OPC can directly go through the barrier of the prostate fat layer, effectively preventing from prostatitis.

15.OPC is capable of controlling histamine and other inflammation compounds, highly effectively in prevention and migration of asthma and tracheitis.

16.OPC can control the excessive secretion of stomach acid, protecting the stomach wall and preventing and migrating the stomach and intestine ulcer and inflammation.

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