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Be allergic is a kind of allergy, being an abnormal reaction of human body against the normal substances (allergen). When allergen gets contact with the people of the allergic constitution, the human body will release histamine, 5-HTP, prostaglandin and leukotriene and other inflammatory factors that lead to human allergic symptoms. The incidence of the allergic diseases accounts for approximately 20% of the population, ranging from the newborn baby to the middle-aged and elderly population. It hasn’t any evident sexy orientation, but the evident transmissibility. DeAllergy Capsule adopts the super critical extracting technology to extract the OPC ingredients out of grape seeds, natural green tea and Perilla frutescens seeds, refining into the new-typed anti-allergic health care product by means of the updated world leading synthesizing technology. It effective ingredients can inhabit the production of the histamine of body, fight against the free radicals causing allergic, protecting the mast cells and basophils from getting hurt by free radicals. The purpose is to set up a natural defense inside the body, supplement the multiple vitamins, necessary for human body to enhance the immunity system, strengthen the resistance of human body, and completely improve the allergic constitution.
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