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name:Puz® DeAllergy Powder

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Anti-allergic and Desensitizing Powder is the updated product, which is highly effective in eliminating the free radicals inside the body. Besides, it can regulate the body immunity, remove the inflammation and resist allergic, remove the blood toxin, inhabit the histamine releasing, increase the cell tolerance against the allergen, establishing a defense barrier for the human body, and protecting the cell membrane from getting hurt by the allergen. Also it can enhance the body immunity and strengthen the resistibility and completely improve the allergic constitution.
Anti-allergic and Desensitizing Powder is the compound OPC health care product specialized in resistance against allergy in the domestic market. In addition to OPC as the major ingredients, it is added with catechin extract, chitin extract and the natural minerals, the plant anti-allergic factors, is the premium prescription in anti-allergic treatment.
The extracting of OPC adopts the world advanced super high-pressure critical technology. The OPC granules extracted are quite fine, equivalent to 5‰ of the corpuscule of human body; and its purity is extremely high in powder shape and good in taste, with no sediment after melting into water. Upon taking, it only stays a little while before directly going into the small intestine, and can be absorbed 100% by human body; its action can last for as long as 72 hours, showing excellent effects. It’s all-natural without any side-effect and dependence, safe and reliable, and can be taken in relief.
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