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name:Puz® Toxingo Capsule

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Toxingo Capsule is currently the updated toxicant-removing health care product. It is made by adoption of super critical extracting technology, with its toxicant-removing ingredients extracted from the rare deep-sea snow crab shell in Alaska, the Californian grape seeds, pine bark and other all-natural plants. The active granules of the compound fine molecules are of the super high penetrating function, able to effectively eliminate the in-depth toxicant inside the body and inhabit the regeneration of the toxicant; promote the metabolism and regulate the endocrine system, moisten the intestine to help relax the bowels; improve the facial skin that is dingy, blackened in edema resulted from the toxicant to prevent the skin from getting aging; increase the absorption of intestine and stomach to prevent the mucous membrane from getting stimulus; reduce the generation of the intestine bacteria and regulate the healthy balance of intestine; activate the skin cells and improve the questioned skin to recover the healthy skin color; strengthen the immune system function of human body and enhance its resistance. The scientific experiment proved that the Alaska snow crab extract is only polysaccharide fiber with positive charge in nature, and is called the 6th life element of the human body by the global medical world. It can strongly absorb the fat and toxicant with negative charge, and is of extraordinary strong function in detoxication and removing toxicant. It is able to remove the years of accumulated blood toxicant, lymph toxicant and intestine toxicant as well as medicine residue and the toxicants in liver, kidney and skin. Alaska snow crab extract can strengthen the liver function, able to prevent from the hangover as a result of the excessive drinking and the lagged treatment of liver function; it is also effective in absorption and excretion of the residues of such public nuisance as heavy metal, toxin, pesticide and the chemical pigment.
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