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name:Puz® Toxingo Powder

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The Alaska snow crab extract is only polysaccharide fiber with positive charge in nature, and is called the 6th life element of the human body by the global medical world.
Toxingo Powder is synthesized in high-tech with the essence extracted out of Alaska deep-sea snow crab shell, red grape seeds and pine bark; Another type of toxicant-removing product is the updated from “American Toxicant-removing Capsule”. Its the greatest feature is: By using the internationally advanced super high pressure critical extracting technology, the plant ingredients extracted are small in granules, high in purity and easy to be absorbed by human body. After being taken, its action can last for 72 hours inside the body, able to remove the toxicant and inhabit the regeneration of the toxicant in a better and quicker way. Long time taking of it can enhance the immunity, strengthen the body and beautify the face!
1. Effectively remove the toxicant inside the body and inhabit the regeneration of toxicant;
2. Remove the free radicals inside the body and delay the body aging to keep the youth;
3. Accelerate removing the toxicant produced by the body self to promote the metabolism;
4. Improve the facial situation troubled with dinginess, blackening and yellowing, poxes and speckles;
5. Meliorate the absorption of intestine and stomach, protecting the mucous membrane from getting stimulus, regulate the functions of stomach and intestine;
6. Reduce the generation of intestines bacteria and regulate the healthy balance of intestines, moisten the intestine to help relax the bowels;
7. Regulate the inappetency, the peculiar smell in the mouth, insomnia and lack of power, dizziness and headache and skin allergy;
8. Strengthen the immunity system function and enhance the resistance of organism.

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