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name:Puz® InflmmatoryAway Capsule

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InflmmatoryAway Capsule is synthesized by adoption of the internationally advanced compounding technology with the plants essence extracted out of all-natural grape seeds, natural green tea and scutellaria. Without any additive drugs and hormone components, long time use of it will not cause any side effects or dependence.
1. All-natural, non-toxic green, with no side effects, no dependence;
2. Effective remove the harmful free radicals;
3. Promote the nutrition for cells to repair the damaged cells;
4. Regulate metabolic function and promote blood circulation;
5. Improve the irritation and itching of skin;
6. Effectively protect the eyes;
7. Prevent the dental inflammation;
8. Protect intestines;
9. Protect the reproductive system;
10. Prostate health maintenance;
11. Protect of joint tissues;
12. Enhance immune system function and raise the resistance of human body.
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