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name:Puz® InflmmatoryAway Powder

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The research showed that 85% of the diseases sourced from the chronic inflammatory stimulus. The occurrence of the organism chronic inflammation has something to do with the physical, chemical and biological stimulus in the environment. The chronic inflammation is a kind of reaction of the organism to the pathogenic factor and its damaging action. It may either be found on local parts or even influence all over the body. Locally, it may present the basic changes like deterioration, hyperemia and exudation and hyperplasia. Reddening, swelling, heat, pain and dysfunction are the five major performances. All over the body may be found to have heat (fever) and leukocytosis, particularly in the acute inflammation, the reticuloendothelial system (RES) and the pathogenic change of the parenchyma organs.
Inflammation-resisting Complex Powder is synthesized by adoption of the internationally advanced super high-pressure critical technology. Its ingredients and contents both surpass that of the Chronic Inflammation Removing Complex Capsule. Being the powder dissolved into water with no deposit, it can be absorbed 100% by human body, all-natural and green, with no toxicant and side-effect and dependence followed; long time use of it can protect the organism from getting harmed with bacteria and viruses, enhancing the anti-oxidation capacity of the body cells, reducing the occurrence of inflammation and raising the resistance of organism.
1. Effective remove the harmful free radicals in the body;
2. Promote the nutrition for cells to repair the damaged cells;
3. Regulate metabolic function and promote blood circulation;
4. Improve the irritation and itching of skin;
5. Effectively protect the eyes;
6. Prevent the dental inflammation;
7. Protect intestines;
8. Prostate health maintenance;
9. Protect of joint tissues;
10. Enhance immune system function.
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