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name:Puz® PurpuraCare Powder

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PurpuraCare Complex Powder takes the top class ginkgo, blueberry, angelica and red wine as the main extracting raw materials, synthesizing with pine bark and grape seeds and other extracts. Currently, It is the optimal health care product to prevent from the allergic purpura. Purpura- removing Complex Capsule is strongly capable of anti-oxidation, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, decreasing the blood stickiness, completely purifying the blood, dredging the obstructed vessel; it can also improve the body microcirculation, protect the endothelium inside the vessel, regulate the immune function in double way, powerfully remove the toxicant inside the body, inhabit the regeneration of toxicant, recover the collagen protein, prevent from the pigmentation and completely supplement the skin with nutrition and moisture, and improve the allergic constitution.
Blueberry is a kind of a perennial shrub. It is called "Bilberry" in Europe, and "Blueberry" in the United States, widespread in the United States, Canada and Europe. Blueberry contains abundant cyanidin, and more than 15 varieties of cyanidins have been found out in its fruit. Cyanidin is beneficiary to maintaining the integrity of blood capillary and stabilizing the collagen.
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