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name:Puz® Skin-Beauti① Capsule

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The facial red blood thread is the symptom most concerned. The dilatation of the facial blood capillary may present the face with a “red face” appearance. Even if the slight degree of the movement or excitation may redden the face, truly affecting the beauty on the facial part. More than that, it brings the shadow to the sufferer psychologically, causing great inconvenience to the normal life.More than a necessity, it is an urgent need to remove the red blood thread!
Puz® Skin-Beauti No.1 Capsule is synthesized by adoption of the most advanced microwave extracting technology with the plant essence extracted from grape seed, pine bark, ganoderma and cranberry. It can quickly transfer the natural plant ingredients of highly active state in the product into the skin system. Its function is to launch the synthesizing of the skin collagen with the fiber protein, increase the activity of skin cells, regulate the blood circulation, migrate the flush and febris of skin, and enhance the elasticity of vessel, repair the skin cutin and the damaged lower blood capillary, improve the allergic skin condition. Meanwhile, it can balance the human body hormone, start up the self-healing system, achieving the effect in removing the red blood thread, in-depth survival of skin tissue, getting nutritious and moistened, making a natural healthy and beautiful skin condition.
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