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name:Puz® CapillaryPort Powder

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Red Blood Thread is formed as a result of blood capillary dilated for being stimulated by the environment. Mostly, it is acquired, and some are inherent. Red Blood Thread is the common reason to affect beauty, and mostly happening to the female. Largely, it is characterized by thread, spot and reticulation on the facial part.
CapillaryPort Powder is synthesized by adoption of the high-tech with the natural plant essence from the grape seed extract, pine bark extract, ganoderma extract, cranberry and the little red berry. It is the updated product of Baibi Capsule, which is added with more plant redness-removing factors and multiple vitamins. This product is featured with the shape of fine powder. It can be quickly dissolved into water and absorbed by human body, achieving the effects of regulating blood circulation, enhancing the metabolism and improving the vascular wall elasticity; meanwhile, through the nutritious substances completely penetrating into and moistening the blood capillary, it is able to improve the redness and febris of skin upon the environment stimulus, recovering the natural beautiful facial condition
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