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OpcPerfect Powder is extracted by adoption of the high-tech from such as all natural plants as grape seed, green tea, red wine and ganoderma, particularly compounded with the plant restoring factors, moistening factors and imprint removing factors as well as multiple trace elements and the natural vitamins. It is a type of oral beautifying health care product specialized in the skin restoration, and the long time use of it will not have any side effects.
OpcPerfect Powder contains abundant repairing factors, which can quickly moisten the damaged skin cells, increasing the cell resistance; its moistening factors can timely supply the moisture to the damaged cells, quickly improve the dry, coarse and peeled skin conditions to accelerate the restoring process; the imprint removing factors can effectively fade out all kinds of splashes and imprints; the grape OPC and the natural green tea can effectively remove and stop the activity of free radicals to destroy the cells; the abundant nutritious substances can completely supply the nutrition to the cells, recovering the cells in deeper layer and the natural luster unique to the skin; meanwhile, it can regulate the skin microcirculation, supplement the collagen, enabling the skin to be tight and elastic.
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