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name:Puz® DeAcne Capsule

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DeAcne Capsule is synthesized by adoption of the high-tech with the essence extracted from red grape, natural green tea and deep-sea snow crab shell, 100% natural with no side effects.It can quickly eliminate the free radicals in the body, regulate the endocrine system, balance the fat, shrink the pores, remove the toxicant and nourish the face, moisten the intestines and relax the bowels, completely improving the oily characteristics, removing the acnes and repairing all kinds of imprints; the long time use of it can make the skin tender and whitened, smooth and elastic. The scientific evidences show that the OPC granules in smaller molecules can well regulate the human body endocrine to help ameliorate its disordered state, promote the normal metabolism and control the balance of the fat secretion. In the mean time, it can regulate the intestine and stomach functions, with the help of the anti-inflammation ingredients in the natural green tea extract, to achieve the effects in removing pathogenic heat and toxicants.
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