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name:Puz® DeAcne Powder

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DeAcne Powder is synthesized by adoption of the high-tech with the essence extracted from red grape seeds, the natural green tea and the deep-sea snow crab shell. It is the updated product of the “DeAcne Capsule”, with higher content and purity. It can quickly remove the toxicant and inflammation, effectively regulate the disordered endocrine state, balance the sebum secretion, completely dredge the pores, enhance the metabolic vigor of skin and recover its ecological balance.
Meantime,DeAcne Powder can also constantly supplement the skin with the required collagen and vitamins, activate the vigor of the skin cells and the regenerating function, promote the metabolism and repair the damaged cells to maintain a clean and tender skin state.
DeAcne Powder has superior anti-oxidation, unique moistening factors and multiple moisture-locking functions, able to strengthen the moisture circulation inside the cells to rebuild the natural moistening defense. Long time use of it will not have any side effects, beneficial to maintaining a moistened skin state and delaying its aging process.
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