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name:Puz® Skin-Beauti② Capsule

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Quickly whiten your all-over body skin, completely safe and everlasting whitening, making you at 35 have a skin at 22! Noted for its name of “Forever Youth Nourishment”, European called OPC this way for its miraculous effects in restoring the collagen vigor and making the skin smooth and luster.
Skin-Beauti No.2 Capsule is an updated product, which is synthesized by adoption of the high-tech with the all-natural essence extracted from catechin, the plant flavonoids and tannins, etc. It can regulate the metabolism of organism, activate the cells, completely supplement the nutrition to the skin; prevent from the ultraviolet ray and pigment decomposition, fade out the spots, whiten the skin and resist aging and oxidation; enhance the ability of skin to lock moisture, and strongly resist the wrinkles, making every inch of the skin present a smooth and whitened state.
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