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name:Puz® Supera-X Capsule

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Supera-X Capsule is by adoption of the high-tech, extracted from the rare wild natural plants including smilax bockii warb, Brazil shrub, nettle, epemidium, pygeum Africanum, throny caltrub and pine bark, and prescribed optimally and synthesized with the natural nourishments. It is currently the updated male adjustment complex product in the world. 1. Enhance the male hormone to create the testosterone for sperm production;
2. Enhance the quality and quantity of sperm and improve male infertility;
3. Inhibit the prostate enlargement, improve the urinary metabolic function;
4. In the prevention of prostatitis and urinary tract infections and various inflammatory diseases;
5, Strengthen the bladder muscle system;
6. Improve the sexual function, enhance sexuality and extend erection duration;
7. Improve fatigue, physical strength decline; the sleepless dreams and the waist pains and knees softness; kidney weakness and other symptoms
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