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name:Puz® Fem-Aid Capsule

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Fem-Aid Capsule is by adoption of the international top synthesizing technology, extracted from 7 natural valuable plants, and refined on the most advanced prescription, with no hormone and side effects. Through the lasting penetration of the product ingredients, it provides the adequate nourishments for the ovary, enabling the female to delay the climacteric period in a safe and effective manner, keeping an everlasting youth for them. It is the guiding product among the updated 3rd generation of the reinforced type of female adjustment products in the world.

Fem-Aid Capsule has the compound prescription that can stimulate the pituitary gland and nourish the ovary and womb in deeper layer, activate and restore the ovary functions; care the womb and maintain the flourishing functions of the reproduction system; it can secure the regular desquamation of the endometrium, enabling the menstruation period, the discharging quantity and quality to restore to a normal level or get close to the peak state in youth, achieving the fundamental goal of delaying menopause and the climacteric period. After using it, you can get a higher quality in sleeping, moisturized skin, faded splashes, shadowed wrinkles and disappeared fatigue, maintaining the youth facial state and restoring the elegant posture and the morbidezza of figure curves.
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