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name:Puz® CirculationAce Capsule

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CirculationAce Capsule is an updated product refined by adoption of the high-tech with the essence extracted from grape seed, cordyceps, rhodiola, ginkgo and other natural plants.It can protect the vessels by increasing the elasticity of vascular wall and accelerating the blood circulation; increase the number of the opened blood capillary nets, strengthen the capacity of the tissue in resisting hypoxia and injuries. Meanwhile, it can supplement the nutritious substances to the vessel; remove some of the organ metabolic residues in the blood, playing a role in completely purifying and filtering the blood.In addition, it has the sedative and tranquilizing functions, promoting blood circulation by removing blood stasis, enabling both qi and blood to be in a smooth state, providing the people with a healthy microcirculation. 1.Improve the body microcirculation and reduce the vulnerability of capillaries;
2. Increase the capillary tension, maintain the capillary permeability;
3. Quickly repair the damaged vascular wall, and enhance its resistance;
4. Protect the vascular endothelial tissue;
5. Promote blood circulation by removing blood stasis, maintaining a smooth blood pattern;
6. Nourish the blood and qi, regulate cholesterol, lower blood pressure;
7. Relieve mental fatigue, tranquilize and sooth the serves;
8. Help prevent various cardiovascular and cerebrovascular diseases.
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