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name:Puz® CirculationAce Powder

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CirculationAce Powder can solve all the problems in your blood and vessels! Through years of clinical observation and experiments, many experts and scholars believe that the Blood Circulation Invigorating Powder has a diverse curing mechanism, which can influence the different body parts and the different vessel types.
1. Remove intravascular deposition to dredge vessel;
2. Enhance the metabolic function of the vascular wall cells, and forming a protective barrier;
3 Remove pigment deposition for beauty;
4. Effectively improve blood circulation and promote microcirculation;
5. Regulate estrogen, lower the uterine contraction of muscle cramps;
6. Improve the female menstrual disorders, dysmenorrhea;
7. Quickly dissolve thrombosis, lower blood lipid;
8. Strengthen the human immune system and increase human resistance.
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