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NONIA+ Capsule is synthesized by adoption of the high-tech with the plants essence extracted from NONI fruit, pine bark, spirulina and chitin. NONI fruit contains abundant xeronine ingredients, and is noted as “ Nuclear Energy of Life”. It can be used in the prevention of circular, breathing, digest, nerve and immune systems as well as the aspects of arthrosis, skin and bones. In addition, it can accomplish some of the body activities and the restoring functions, being miraculously effective in promoting the cell regeneration and dredging the body gland tissues.
1, Rapidly enhance the constitution by changing the acidity constitution into the alkalescence one;
2, Reduce the incidence of cancer and the diseases of civilization;
3. Delay the aging clock, improve sleep quality and prevent diseases;
4.Strengthen the immune system for healing restoration; strengthen the role of blood purification and cell activation;
5. Help the brain blood flow and strengthen nerve conduction system and solve problems in cerebral blood insufficiency;
6. Help cell regeneration and repair, rebuild healthy new cells; promote metabolism and prolong life span.
Having been used by Polynesians for 2000 years, NONI is the most widely used medicinal plant in Polynesia. Since 10 years ago when NONI was introduced to the western world, millions of people have realized the miraculous power of NONI. Investigations pointed out, its ingredients are highly safe, mild and tender. Even the babies, infants and the pregnant women as well as the lying –in women in lactation period may take NONI. It can even be dropped into the eyes to cure ocular diseases.
NONI, a kind of miraculous plant, is the all-natural product least contaminated. It can cure the diseases of circular, breathing, digest, nerve and immune systems as well as that on arthrosis, skin and bones. It contains a kind of special ingredient called proxeronine, which can be absorbed in the intestines and translated into xeronine, capable of completing some of body activities and remedy functions, with the miraculous functions in promoting the regeneration of cells.
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