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name:Puz® EnergyAce Capsule

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EnergyAce Capsule is an updated compound product refined with the essence extracted from red grape seed, top quality green tea, pine bark and wild ganoderma and red wine, is a health care food most suitable for the modern metropolitan population in a sub-healthy state.
EnergyAce Capsule, unlike most of the anti-oxidants, is highly concentrated for a high degree of purity, ease to be absorbed by human body and can go through the blood-brain barrier, directly act on the mitochondrion in the cerebral cells, protecting the blood vessels and brain from being destroyed by the increasing number of free radicals due to the rising age. To repair and nourish the brain nerve cells can improve the sleeping quality, soothe the liver and regulate qi, accelerate the blood circulation; Ameliorate the brain blood insufficiency, increase the immune ability and body vigor, evidently improve the malnutritional erythrocytes, the lack of active biological essence, variation and abnormality and the conglomeration state; regulate the sub-health state of the people in deeper layer, notably delay the aging process all over the body, recover and maintain the youth, health and beauty of the people.
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