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name:Puz® OPC-X+ Capsule

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OPC-X+ Capsule is an updated compound product refined with the essence extracted from red grape seed, pine bark, wild ganoderma and red wine, being the most effective anti-aging substance up to now. It can remove the free radicals, increase the sleeping quality, improve the stomach function, dredge vessels, prevent from the arteriosclerosis, strengthen the elasticity of vascular wall and the immune system, cure arthritis, prevent the incidence of cancer, delay the aging process and reduce the danger of suffering from stroke and hemiplegia.
The pine tree symbolizes longevity. The historical medical literatures such as Chinese Herbal Materia Medica and Shennong's Chinese Materia Medica" have recorded it in some items. Taking the pine needle and pine gum can prolong one’s life span. A great deal of the scientific researches at home and abroad have proved that “Oligomeric Proanthocyanidins Complexes, OPC” extracted from the pine tree is the most powerful and effective anti-aging substance ever found so far. It can perfectly improve the constitution of the modern people, enabling more people to acquire health and longevity.
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