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name:Puz® OPC-X Capsule

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OPC-X Capsule is an updated compound product refined with the essence extracted from red grape seed, pine bark and red wine. It can remove body free radicals, regulate organism immunity; eliminate fatigue, relieve nerviness and assist in the cure of hypertension, high cholesterol and hyperglycemia to reduce the blood stickiness; Prevent arteriosclerosis, completely strengthen the resistance and prevent all kinds of the middle-aged and elderly diseases.
OPC-X Capsule is effective in the practical penetration into blood vessel as a kind of tonic. Unlike other anti-oxidants, its granules can go through the blood-brain barrier to directly protect the brain central nervous system. More than this, the pine bark in the prescription can be effective in tranquilizing and nourishing the brain central nerves. The effect of this product in resisting fatigue is also very evident. A few days taking will allow you feel the effects; completing one bottle for a therapeutic duration will see the disappearance of the symptoms.
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