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name:Puz® OPC-X Powder

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OPC-X Powder is extracted by adoption of the US top biotechnology, supervised in the scientific way, reliable in quality. The pure plant essence contains abundant grape seed OPC, the pine bark OPC, red wine, ganoderma and plant flavonoids, etc. Specifically, It can remove different kinds of free radicals in the body. One small spoon a day and one bottle for two months, it can quickly enhance the immunity, release the fatigue, raise the sleeping quality, strengthen bones and physical fitness, prevent cancers, delay the aging process, protect the hear and brain vessels; it can also ameliorate dizziness and swimming, fatigue and impotency, inappetency and the declined intestine and stomach functions as well as all kinds of sub-healthy symptoms. Long use of it can make you have a strong body, delay the aging process and secure the everlasting youth vigor.
The experiments have proved that the grape seed OPC in the SUPER-OPC multi-purposed OPC health care powder contains abundant Vitamin A, C and E, 20 times of Vitamin C and 50 times of Vitamin E, able to supplement multiple vitamins and the auxiliary factors of Vitamin C necessary for the human body. It can rapidly enhance the body immunity, and strengthen the bones and physical fitness. Especially in the cold winter season, it can help prevent the flu, raise the ability of resistance against diseases, and improve the constitution of the population of lower immunity. The grape seed OPC may change the chemical structure of free radicals and destroy them, produce the new and stable compound; protect the human immune system, control all kinds of free radicals of human cells, prevent the human body from being influenced by the unclean air.
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