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name:Acne-removing& Toxicants Elimination (Basic)

Price:$ 138.00

acne-removing& toxicants elimination (basic) :deacne capsule*1+toxingo capsule*1+inflmmatoryaway capsule*1

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Bio-tech acne removing: employing the most advanced bio-critical extraction technology, producing active agents that penetrated keratoderma into subcutaneous tissue to remove the source of acnes.

Precious herbal ingredients for acne removing: containing precious herbal ingredients that can inhibit the activity of misplaced gene and its replication and radically remove the acne by rearranging the gene sequence, effectively adjust hormone production to rebalance the disorder.

Two-way balancing to prevent recurrence: radically removing acnes by inhibiting the activity of misplaced gene and its replication, rearranging the gene sequence,, balancing endocrine and lipid gland secretion to outer skin, thus making two-way balance to treat acnes and prevent recurrent onset.

Acne and imprint removing without trace: colored imprints after mal-operation of acne removing is caused by pigmentation and subcutaneous blood stasis. This package can repair the damaged skin cells by rearranging the gene sequence so as to effectively solve the problem of imprints removal.

Herbal medication without safety concerns: although drugs are potentially harmful while other agents are not effective, this product serves as the guidance of the acne-troubled users since it is herbal extraction without hormone and adverse effects, so safety would not be the user’s concern.
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