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name:Puz® Dermatitis Restored Powder

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Puz®Dermatitis Restored Powder is rich in plant activation repairing factor which can comprehensively repair skin damage, through the regulation of metabolism of tissue cells to enhance the repairing ability of skin tissue and strongly repair various skin damages caused by many allergic dermatitis: pimples, scars, pits, the surface of wound, and skin atrophy, skin dry and peeling, extremely sensitive and pigment rebound after using excessive hormone ointment. Repair abnormal immune system, activate the immune function of the skin, thoroughly repair damaged skin tissue, control the formation of abnormal gene, inhibit the function of pathological skin cells and T cells’ activation, extend excessive proliferation cycle of keratinocyte, weaken the abnormal differentiation of epidermis, increase skin thickness and stress ability of the outside world, to achieve the normal metabolism of function cells and restore the normal body function.
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