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name:Puz® Methoxyphenamine Capusule

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Puz® Methoxyphenamine Capusule uses bioactive extracts from standardized natural herbs, that is: extract effective plant activation and immune components from echinacea, wormwood, perilla seeds and grape seed, plant activation and immune factor can cure repeated respiratory tract infection, such as: cough and asthma, eliminate chronic inflammation, combine and dissolve lung garbage including lung phlegm, toxin, sediment in lung cells and finally get it excreted out of the human body, effectively remove the lungs’ garbage and alienated acid and sugar that lead to respiratory disease , stop cough and ease asthma, dredge trachea and repair damaged mucous membrane, cilia, repair alveolar pulmonis and increase fiber elasticity, increase lung tissue activity , activate the immune system, reconstruct respiratory immune barrier, effectively solve the cough, wheezing and shortness of breath, breath difficulties, chest tightness, chest pain, shortness of breath, hoarseness, throat itching and other allergic lung diseases.
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