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name:Puz® Super Immune Powder

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Puz® Super Immune Powder is extracted from natural herbal concentrated essence, has the very strong oxidation resistance function, can improve the physiological mechanism of skin immune system and enhance the immune function and healing ability of human body. Activated cells of plant immune factorthrough natural antibodies produced by the body immunity to fight against the disease, make the body's immune system function normally, permanent immune to bacteria and viruses that cause allergic constitution and skin problems. Immune factor powder, through changing the immune system of allergic constitution, form immune antibodies against factors that cause allergy. After the formation of immune antibodies, it will not occur allergy when people with allergic constitution contact anaphylactogen, so truly achieve the goal of desensitization, greatly improve human health, enhance the stamina and eliminate fatigue, strengthen immune system to achieve the goal of self-protection.
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