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name:Puz® Pure Grape Seed Powder

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Puz® Pure Grape Seed Powder has a comprehensive efficacy, it can be said to be a versatile health care product. its excellent antioxidant and scavenging free radicals ability enable it has a good efficacy for cerebrovascular disease, for example, allergies and dermatitis caused by the accumulation of toxin in the blood vessels, the red blood due to broken capillaries;  and cardiovascular and cerebrovascular disease caused by vascular oxidation and blocking. Compared with the same grape seeds in the current market, super-pure California red grape seed powder contains higher proanthocyanidin and better purity, more than 95% of OPC in grape seed, Nano OPC is only 1/5000 of blood cell, and can be 100% absorbed, 100% of pure natural without any side effects, activity efficacy is 15 times of common OPC. It can remove free radicals in the human body, protect human cells from oxidative damage of free radicals, and has strong anti-allergic and anti-aging effect; also it has excellent health care effect, including removing blood toxins, promoting blood circulation, enhancing the strength of blood vessel.
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